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6 of the most popular TV background wall
- Jan 23, 2017 -

one, Affordable wooden material

Wood paneling are all familiar, very widely used during the renovation process, such as Windows and doors, cabinets, furniture, and so on, are likely to use decorative panels. At present, more and more people use it as a TV background wall, because it suits a wide variety, affordable prices, selection of decorative panels in the background wall, easily conflict with other wood materials in the room, to better match unified decoration style, is also very convenient to clean.

If you still feel too monotonous, wood veneer and then hung a picture of your favorite pictures, the effect will be even better.

Do TV background wall with decorative panels, you can choose to suit many, no need to worry about problems with the room unable to match, only sixty or seventy Yuan a piece.
Second, naturalness of natural and artificial stones

Life in noisy cities, more and more people aspire to a calm and pleasant rural life, so simple and natural style favored by many people. So, use some simple, natural materials that can allow the whole family to enjoy a relaxed feeling, style TV background wall as the embodiment of the living room is one of the important elements, selected for their natural textured stone, can achieve very good results.

In the living rooms of simple, natural, culture stone decoration is unique.

Artificial culture stone is a kind of new material, is formed by the natural stone processing, natural color, noise, ring roads, fire-retardant features, very suitable for TV background wall, but the higher material costs, based on how the rare stone, price in 60-400/m2.

Third, strong sense of modern glass, metal

There are a lot of people like simple, modern d├ęcor, TV background wall is made of glass and metal, can give the room a sense of very modern, so it is also a common wall materials, although its cost is not high, but a higher difficulty.

Properly set some wires, the effect is not bad.

Some customers love using paint made of glass walls, dark room as well as enhanced lighting effects.

Made with glass shape, looks very modern.

Four, colorful wallpapers, wall covering

Into the wall paper, wall covering store display area, many people are its bright colors, beautiful patterns attract, in recent years, whether it was wallpaper or wall covering, processing technology has improved a lot, not only more environmentally friendly, and there are advantages of hiding power. TV background wall with them, can play a very good decorative effect, and the construction is simple, if you are an easy "old" people, wallpaper, wall covering TV background wall is very easy to replace, due to the wide variety of their prices considerably low Yuan/square meter, high hundreds of Yuan.

Fear will cause visual fatigue, it can choose a lighter color.

Wedding photos or pictures for his TV background wall, feeling very warm.

Five, changing thousands of painting, art painting

Maybe you feel strange, paint is used to paint a wall? ' How can it be counted as a separate TV background wall material? Paint colors changing hue, some creative designers cleverly took advantage of its characteristics, designing many unique video wall. Painting, art painting of the principle is very simple, just TV background wall, using different color contrasts, break up the monotony of the living-room wall, paint background material on television, low cost, no construction, most importantly any color you like, paint, art spray can help you achieve.

Art painting in the background wall color gives a strong sense of vision.

Paint walls with special attention on television was in color matching is important to note that coordination with other living room local.

If you find paint colors too drab, unable to reach your aesthetic requirements, currently popular art paint, various colors of paint to use, spraying technology to produce a variety of wall effects, in General, materials price is 100-300 RMB/m2

Six, flexible combination of soft decoration
To also is find not to satisfaction of TV background wall material, also has a very flexible of programme, that is in TV wall regional set some space, can used to placed some himself love of decorations, so, can select of room on very big has, and at any time can replaced, simple is losing taste, but special to note in lights of layout Shang to processing properly, used to highlight local lighting of lights cannot too bright, or, may will effect TV watch effect.

If before the renovation didn't consider doing TV background wall, put some of your favorite pictures on the wall as well.

Decided to use soft decorations dot the walls, some patterns are designed to be wall decoration is more reasonable.

Often their homes to replace some new jewelry, can bring something new to the family feeling.