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Bathroom Ceramic Tile How To Maintain
- Jan 23, 2017 -

mosaicsToilet water stains are more frequently used, especially increased summer water temperatures, often come when you haven't had time to clean up water stain has already dried, this time leaving the stubborn water stains, tile mold clean up is very easy. Faced with this situation, small series is going to be a big build-up bathroom mildew tips, hope to be able to create beautiful bathroom space.

Basic measures for seepage control mold
Due to bathroom wall tiling, and in order to ensure clean and bright for a long time, on routine maintenance can be selected with multi-purpose decontamination paste for cleaning. On the gaps between the tiles, you can use a toothbrush dipped in a little cleaning paste for removal, tile gap brush using the brush after a waterproof agent impermeable mildew. Tiles should be regularly waxed, interval was 2-3 months. Brick surfaces such as scratches, scratches, apply toothpaste, wipe with a dry cloth can be repaired.

Toilet paper out tile gap mold
Bleach-soaked toilet paper and stick it onto the tile cracks, let it stay for a while. After you finish for the slot masks, as long as the water rushed, you can clean mold. Can also use a detergent with bleaching, painted in musty place, after about 30 minutes, and then wash with brush or toothbrush. Bricks and brick cracks don't regularly use cleaning cream to the dirt, and then in the crevice brush a layer of waterproofing agent to prevent mold growth.

Wet urgently addressing the baking soda to wipe
If you find bathroom tiles with damp, will be dealt with immediately, you can use the dehumidifier, usually used for moisture caking soda, wring a wet towel stained, wipe the mildew or dirt on the wall directly. Diluted ordinary laundry bleach (about 1:4~1:3 with water) and wipe coated in ceramic tile clearance of sewing, you can easily eliminate annoying mildew.

Hygroscopic moisture with lime small DIY
We also can make a lime wet bags help tiles in the bathroom moisture, but should pay attention to quicklime, cannot use lime for construction. Take some lime, wrapped in a modest cotton or cloth, sewn, Brooks used a rope hanging, hanging in a humid place.

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