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Correct choice of stone protecting agent to ensure quality of stone conservation
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Correct choice of stone protecting agent is a key factor to ensure construction quality of stone conservation. Each of these stone protection agent is not a panacea, its performance is mainly manifested in universal applicability, that is valid for most of the stone. But on the other hand, each product also has its particularity, that is, for some (a) exceptionally meritorious performance or unsatisfactory performance or even invalid. Based on this, we have selected stone material protection agent, according to different varieties of stone, in a different environment, a different installation process under different protection requirements and make the right choice.
Application of protective agents in stone decorating project, more and more attention. It works using decorative stone to move to a new technology, it can avoid or reduce the production of stone symptoms, prevent water spots, Rainbow, alkalis, rust, stone disease. How to properly select and use of stone protecting agent is the key to the stone material protection.
Select stone protective agent need to advocate such a principle: scientific and reasonable choice of protective agent and is indispensable for correct use of protective agents. How to observe this principle, first of all, you should understand the classification of protective agent. Combined with the specific requirements of the project, the protective agents are divided into: 1. waterproof 2. pollution prevention; 3. oil-proof type; 4. back-5.-other.
If you choose incorrectly, not only in the protection of construction did not achieve the expected results, it will make the problem more serious and complicated:
A selection of, the stone material protection agent
1. Select according to protection requirements:
If the purpose of protection is to prevent efflorescence, rust, etc, generally use the silicone stone Protectant can be effective.
If the protection is comprehensive waterproof and stain-resistant ability, General organic fluorine stone protective agent to be used in order to achieve the desired effect.
2. Selected based on stone installation environment:
If recommended oil is used for outdoor stone protection stone protecting agent for processing. Because oily protective agent of resisting aging better than water, so longer service life;
If it is an indoor stone protection in addition to selecting the oily protective agent, can also choose to water the stone material protection agents for surface treatment. Less because of the indoor environment, so the life of the product is relatively small, inexpensive water repellant nature is loved by many customers.

3. According to stone installation options:
Wet stone and filling, usually granite suggested the use of HB-G713 to do two times front and side protection can (through the national testing authority). If you do not trust, you can use HB-G633 to help protect the underside of the handle. Selection of surface protective agent should pay attention to the end of alkali resistance of protective agent, and does not affect bonding fastness of stone and cement. Marble wet you can choose HB-G118 and G168, G700, G710, G711 first, surface water treatment, G713, select HB-G700 and G168 sandstone surface surface treatment, and then at the end of HB-G633, G733, waterproof and alkali treatment.
Dry-hanging stone, selecting standard focused mainly on water resistance of stone protection agent, you can choose a HB-G118 and G168, G710, G711, G713 and other products.
4. If the structure is a dense stone, as Spain suggested the use of oil such as beige, Slate stone Protectant. Because solvent composition of penetration, and can even go to the stone inside for protection. It should be noted, for the compact structure of the black stone, General agent of the stone will intensify the color, should handle; structure of stone, oily water and stone protector can be used.
5. If it is a restaurant, cooking benches, driveways or other easily polluted places, the surface organic fluorine stone protector is recommended to improve the ability of stone surface stain resistance.
6. If it is a square, stone corridors, public places, King HB-G713 is recommended for oily penetration on the surface and the side 2~3 treatment. Because G713 has a strong penetration capability, and acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance capacity in excess of national standards for excellence more than 1 time, quality very good. If Metro station, underground layers of ground stone, except at the surface and the side treated with HB-G713, a King should be on the end of HB-G733 end of stone surface processing.
7. Now has many customer like in hair surface stone surface made film type conservation processing, this engineering recommends selection used organic silicon for raw materials of into film type stone protection agent, this products hardness good, stick received strength high, resistance UV easily yellow; don't easily used to acrylic for raw materials of end of surface sealed agent, this products main for end of surface sealed and design, in stone surface using often has peeling and color phenomenon occurred.

Two, use of stone protecting agent considerations
1. Don't just look at the product specifications, field testing by about any product before we can determine whether you can use.
2. When you choose a product, don't be fooled by products the surface hydrophobic effect and surface effects are only temporary, and test again after removing the surface remains, is the real effect of the product.
3. Note to use protective agents in stone will not change after using stone color, surface residue is easy to remove, do not affect the brightness of the stone surface.
4. Construction is one of the important criteria of the selection of stone protecting agent, process too complicated will directly lead to cost increases.
5. Enclosed areas carefully selected stone oily protective agent, don't use benzene solvent protecting agent. Moreover, if poor air circulation during construction, construction personnel can easily cause poisoning.
6. Smooth stone selected film-stone protection agent is not recommended, because the surface is too smooth and will affect the protective film layer bonding fastness.
7. Pay attention to the differences between various versions of the test report. As of right now, only JC/T973-2005 of the decorative natural stone protection standard is the current standard only on the quality of protection. Other reference standards are not standards, quality standards than the low standard of architectural decorative natural stone Protectant.
8. Don't lose in pursuit of low-cost, quality first, price second is the choice of stone the first principles of the protector.
Any protective effect of stone protecting agent is relative, so when choosing products according to actual requirements and effects to choose correct construction, strengthen the aftercare in order to achieve the best results.