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Home mosaic mix of various sites and applications
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Local decorative mosaics can be used as a decoration, can also be a large area of paving, mosaic of different characteristics for different flexible collocation space, resulting in an endless stream of decorative effects, it is diversity, interior decoration materials of both decorative and practical. Through case studies below will teach you how to Mosaic home places match.

Living room: mosaic in a wide variety of personalized wall

Using mosaic tiles decorating the living room walls, with the development of mosaic technology, innovative materials used in mosaics above, or even gold foil mosaic, wood mosaic, and so on. Now, using mosaics decorated the lobby and even wallpaper-like decorative effects can be achieved, and longer service life, the body in wet areas such as Guangzhou is undoubtedly a great boon for the people.

Also, since mosaic walls are made up of small pieces of mosaic, and unparalleled flexibility with wallpaper and other materials, even wedding photos can be sent to the manufacturer, so that manufacturers special order a unique TV background wall.

Kitchen: a spacious, glamorous fashion space

Kitchen wall surface can appropriate to using mosaic decorative, recommends using glass mosaic, and metal mosaic, reflective sex strong of material, because kitchen of space General is unlikely to, and exists fume pollution of problem, so light smooth of mosaic not only can is good to reflection light, Visual Shang expanded has kitchen of space size, while easily clean, as long as with wet rag gently wipe mosaic surface can recovery glory.

Toilet: color clear unity of space neat and elegant

The most common number of sites about mosaic bathroom, first and foremost, the bathroom should give the feeling of relaxed, calm, release, so the mosaic color space should not be too strong, jumping, otherwise it will bring fluctuations in mood and depression.

Wall glass mosaics and other reflective materials for General local ornament, such as the wall behind the toilet, shower position, can well plays a decorative role. Can also be based on personal preference for a large area of wall tile, flexible mix vivid backdrop.

Restaurant: pure color and create a relaxed dining atmosphere

Restaurant match the wall we used pure color style, by size and shape with the color mosaic of different combinations to achieve a visually pleasing effect, at the same time will create a lively atmosphere.

For example, you can use the more rustic olive drab, seemingly random collage accompanied by a touch of light green tea, the whole space is like flowers and grass, natural but not messy, and reveals a healthy atmosphere, people in happy meals while relaxing.

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