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How to recognize a quality natural 'stone'
- Jan 23, 2017 -

With natural patterns and colors of stone, the creative elements for interior designers to provide a broad, decorated in more and more people want to use local natural stones. Compared to other building materials, stone, paving from the selection to aftercare, is very particular about, if not pay attention, stone can't show due sense of beauty.
Stone depends on the surface. Advantages and disadvantages of natural stone depends on the quality and processing blocks. High quality stone surfaces, without too much noise, color uniformity, no short thick cases, and after processing, the quality of stone with many irreparable "defect". So the pattern color of the stone surface is an important index for evaluating quality of stone. If processing technologies and processes do not cross the border, processed products will appear after the depression, stains, stains, chipping off the corners, cracks, color, lines, hollow phenomena, such a stone, of course, is not "top grade".
According to specialized sales of imported stone source, high quality natural stone should be plate cutting edges neat and perfect corners, smooth surface, high brightness, touch without sense.
In addition, home decoration using stone, don't get "dark", you should select those colored stone flooring can give the feeling of a warm, quiet, and expand the surface area of effect. Variety said, should try to choose those who wear resistance, acid and alkali of marble and granite type stone. From the point of view of price, production of light colored granite series are cheap, for households with an average income to purchase, replace the damaged parts or ingredients. From plate specifications, should try to choose a granite slab on the ground, this is the strength of the ground and houses both weight factors.

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