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Jade decoration, close to nature
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Because modern humans within the family were living in the building, modern buildings of reinforced concrete to isolate natural atmosphere and magnetic field, and distance between humans and nature more and more remote. If you placed a piece of beautiful jade texture at home, even with jade decorate your home, will not only have a feast for ornamental value, and jade also brought natural atmosphere to your home and complement the natural magnetic fields of Interior, regulate the indoor climate of Feng Shui.
"Jade", the King of rock; jade is not only the ancient color, firmness, sounds, textures and texture of conditions of the definition of a beautiful stone, and more importantly, in the minds of people today in the community and personal accomplishments, character, good wishes, the perfect image and good moods and sentiments of the carrier. Run can eliminate the impetuous heart of jade, jade heart pleasures of boredom, jade purity to clean up dirty heart. Today the jade has a special sentiment, in our daily lives and interactions, people used jade means joy and good fortune, with jade I wish the longevity and Beverly, jade represents constancy and loyalty, with jade symbols of elegance and timeless. Jade a pleasing, jade body beauty ... ... Influence of jade, jade humanizes people, jade light more brilliant because of people like, people's sentiment has been cultivating for Jade of splendid, sublime.
"People keep jade, jade dependants". Jade, carries thousands of years of Chinese culture and tradition. Natural jade, has always been a fusion of ancient culture and fashion model, the embodiment of virtue. Beijing Olympics "Jade" combined with sporting success, jade Gold Medal awarded to the sport's elite, they spread to Chinese civilization around the world.