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Learn about backsplash tiles and how these decorative metal mosaic tiles are being used to enhance a variety of inside spaces in residences and businesses.
- Jul 17, 2017 -

What is a metal backsplash tile?

 Well, just as the name suggests it is a metal tile used for backsplash protection in kitchens. At least that is how it started out-now these decorative metal mosaic tiles (generally referred to as metal tiles) are used for a variety of applications well beyond kitchen backsplash protection. Over time, this concept has captured the imagination of homeowners and designers. Today metal tiles are used to beautify kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, offices, covered patios, and more we are only limited by our imagination. The growing popularity of these metal tiles has been driven by their elegant design, lightweight nature, easy to install and maintain characteristics.

The first point to look at when selecting a metal tile for your project is the metal type-you can have tiles in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Copper. Each has its own characteristics based on finish, texture, weight, design so you should see what best fits your application. For example, if you are looking for tiles with intricate mosaic patterns the Stainless Steel tiles will probably work best as they have more diversity in patterns with features like inlaid glass work. On the other hand if you looking for a sleek, straight line look the Aluminum tiles may be better suited. Once you choose the metal, you have a range of designs available so see what works best for your targeted space. There is no right or wrong answer so just choose the pattern that makes the statement you want to make.

Therefore, the key to a successful project is working with a brand that provides a wide choice of high quality metal tiles. At Eden Mosaic Tile you can find an enticing array of selections in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Copper tiles. Eden Mosaic Tile is available online at their own websites as well as several of their partner sites and retail locations. Eden Mosaic Tile has several years of experience providing customer solutions, to end users and designers, for decorative metal tiles in the USA and Canada. They have established a reputation for their high quality product selection along with their responsive customer service.Please visit us atwww.edenmosaictile.com or StainlessSteelBacksplash.com to learn how we can help with your project .