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Mosaic joint best practices
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Mosaic construction, many owners later reflected after filling the walls there is no sense of depth, or the entire puzzle is "gray". This is many owners in dealing with problems encountered when filling up, where I conducted a thorough solution to the problem:

1, the first Tile Grout Colors, lots of easy for the owners directly use white caulking, resulting in "gray" is usually a big reason is that Tile Grout color selection. Tile Grout color is best to choose background and close or crystal clear caulking, if there is no need to generally do not all white (unless it is the end of all-white).

2, finish filling treatment be sure to carefully clean up the residue on the surface of the mosaic powder, this is very important. Because caulk 24 hours after it is difficult to clean up. After filling 30 minutes cleaning can achieve the best effect.

3, do not fill too full, crack do sunken 1MM the best. In the joints, not to "circle" slot, but same person wipe seam from top to bottom. This cleaned up the most clean, on the other hand it also can make the gap more delicate surface.