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Stone mosaic tile application overview
- Jan 23, 2017 -

1, solid-colored mosaic tiles
Solid color mosaic tiles means "pure" mosaics, mostly used in exterior walls, interior walls and floors, as applied in the overall color, mosaic tiles to the overall application of theme colors in walls, floors, its patchwork of elements, more lively and flexible visual effect, more colourful impact.

2, process-color mosaic tile
Mixed color mosaic tile is refers to three species above color by proportion no law combination and into of mosaic tile, is application most wide of a mosaic tile, mixed color mosaic tile to people a magic, and blurred, and mystery, and Dim, and class connection, and jumping of feel, can for whole wall body, also can for other decorative material in the of dotted decorative, as waist line, and pressure items line, and anchor line and so on.

3, pattern mosaic tile
Mosaic tiles are made of two different colors of pattern ordered permutations and combinations of interval mosaic tiles, which according to the designer's need for consistent color matching, most black and white pattern matching, pattern tile mosaics makes decorative space more lively and layered.

4, gradients, mosaic, porcelain
Brick mosaic tiles are made of the same colors of the gradient from dark to light, or by a combination of shallow to deep irregular changes of mosaic tiles. Gradient combination all the mosaic tiles mosaic tiles are the most dynamic charm of mosaic, mosaic tile decoration of the gradient effect gives a long, mottled, jumping, indulgence, undeniable feeling, full of space charm is activated, is decorated in the most commonly used form of a mosaic, most walls, curved surface, parabolic.

5, strip-mosaic tiles
Strip-mosaic is a form of mixed color mosaic tiles, but its color is vertical and horizontal combination of regular development.

6, Mosaic Mosaic
Jigsaw puzzle is a form of mosaic tile art content in the application, is a form of mosaic in the highest grade, mosaic can exist as a work of art in the decoration, but also as a theme change and art applied in large public places. In addition to the above several mosaic tile design applications, there are different colors, different textures and mosaic ceramic tile, regular pattern mosaic and many other applications. Mosaic tiles as an architectural and decorative materials commonly used in home decoration, whether it is a wall or a floor, almost everywhere, just use your intelligence, you can design a classical, stylish home cases.