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Stone product 'face the permanent' secret
- Jan 23, 2017 -

After the purchase, often use expensive, high quality decorative materials for decoration, such as stone, wood flooring, carpet, sofa, etc. But as time went on, bright and beautiful home decoration, inevitably due to dust, smoke, aging, collision, damage, lost identity, decorative effect is greatly reduced, so regular cleaning and maintenance of the decoration material is necessary. But this is not a simple matter.
Traditional family-friendly wipe clean sweep, is time-consuming and not say, the effect is not necessarily ideal, modern professional cleaning is a professional maintenance concepts and cleaning equipment to operate, this way of service breaks modern fast-paced life and increasing the aesthetic requirements, with its efficient and recognized by more and more people. Now in stone, for example, to introduce some common sense.
Natural stone in its natural pattern, variety of colors, bright luster and become for Interior and exterior decoration materials, highly favored. It is often used to lay the home ground, walls, window sills, wash your hands, and other places. In the course of using, due to air in the acid-base decay, hard objects colliding and scraping and other reasons, resulting in loose stone structures, enhanced water absorption and permeability of irreversible staining occurs, the loss of natural oils, seriously affecting the decorative effect. How to make stone "face the permanent"?
Best way is to care and cleaning on a regular basis. Laying stone in addition to often do general cleaning in the home, but also professional cleaning every month. Stone in public, by the use of high frequency, very easy to damage and pollution, so doing once a month to clean the best.
Professional cleaning method is this: be prepared for stone cleaning solution into the cleaner, a good brush, scrub stone surface, scrub timing as dirt depending on the severity, then use water suction machine clean cleaning fluid, floor after dry, uniformly apply stone protecting agent. Protective coating to cover micro-hole stone, smooth on the surface of the membrane, increasing resistance of stone pH, and dust and dirt easy sell, even if Gu is also easier to remove, also with non-slip effect. Protective coating technology high requirements, first stone to clean so as not to smudge buried beneath the protective agent, affecting the appearance of stone then use professional tools for protection coating, the so-called "工欲善其事, its prerequisite" to use specialized tools coated to keep the bright stone surface. Immediately after coating to dry completely before walking on the ground. Visual smooth bright, clear light reflection is the best.