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Summarize the classification of granite
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Natural granite rocks are igneous rocks, consists mainly of silica, mixing different amounts of sodium, potassium, aluminum, magnesium oxide, when magma cools, in the presence of high temperature and high pressure form crystals, but also closely aggregated into crystalline rock.
Large crystals of the granite and dense, very high compressive strength (120-300MPa), hardness (S.H75-110), through meticulous polishing and quality granite Crystal face (hard) after processing, degree of gloss can reach 110-120. Advanced building materials.
Granite because it contains iron, copper, chromium, manganese, carbon and other elements, show gorgeous colors. Meanwhile, some metal compounds can improve the abrasion resistance of granite, so arrange the refurbishment works at the granite, in colors such as dark red, dark green, dark brown granite, carefully calculate the hours and materials expenses, or it may slip. Granite although structure dense, sucking water rate low (0.l%-0.7%), but granite belongs to acid rock, hydrophilic, water molecular can through Crystal gap of hair fine hole penetration, so in has groundwater or had with large washing to Hou of granite ground, stone and stone Zhijian joint of place will appeared obviously of water marks, so granite ground wash to should as using automatically wash to sucking dry machine, reduced water in ground stay of time.
Commonly known as granite granite derived from granite, polished concave pits is bound to have a small (black spots), and granite structure, formation of silica quartz crystals and other ingredients formed crystals of feldspar and Mica, quartz is very hard, slightly softer feldspar, and Mica are lamellar crystals, a little friction will fall off and forming concave pits. Black spots below the stone granite-MICA crystals (General renovation caused by coarse grinding is not tied) plane, since black does not reflect light, light forming irregular waves. Granite, mica and Yun Mujing grain General affect the value.
Granite granite and flocculation can be divided into grain ceramic grain granite.
A, grain grain of such Granites from magma granite forms the core slowly cooling in high temperature and high pressure environment. Grain grain granite uniform distribution of crystals of quartz, feldspar, mica, stone appeared to have highlights of the law and even flares. If coarse MICA crystals, obviously. High hardness of the grain grain of granite, processed by careful polishing and high quality crystal hard, smooth as a mirror, shining in a uniform color, exceptionally Grand, luxury. Grain grain granite quartz crystal is very hard, but soft feldspar crystals, coupled with the formation of MICA Ma, if there is no reasonable maintenance, will soon become uneven, even coarse granite, baotiantianwu. Currently faces is the best maintenance (hard). Common grain grain of granite: large white, India red, Sichuan red, Evergreen, Baltic Brown, Golden black. (See photos)
B granite this granite are magmatic, Flocculent ceramic outer layer, in an environment of high temperature and high pressure and groundwater slowly cooling. Due to the underground water, so Ridge formation of extensional dioxide Flocculent quartz crystal, winding across the other crystals. Meanwhile, iron, copper, chromium, manganese compounds, carbon and other elements can penetrate between the crystals, forming a kaleidoscope of color and when the texture and Xu both Crystal granite granite hard and colourful marble and high decorative building stone. Xu Crystal granite has a characteristic stone surface by careful sanding and polishing will cause micro-dimples-like, mellow concave, causes the ground to show which looks bright and clear, slightly Dim, processed by Spar, giving a romantic atmosphere. Flocculation the uneven distribution of quartz crystal granite, quartz as few parts as possible for easy wear, add fruit without reasonable maintenance, stone will soon become irregular, wavy, very unfortunately. Currently faces is the best maintenance (hard).