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Careful Maintenance Of Rolling Molding
- Jul 24, 2017 -

The roll-forming machine is able to attract the user's attention in today's complex market environment because of its excellent use effect in practical application. But what we need to know is that employees want to give full play to the effect of the molding machine, then the use of their use must do the work:

1. Responsible for the operation of rolling molding machine staff, Roll Forming Machine in the use of the process must keep their own equipment, without the consent of the competent leadership, no other people to operate at will, and in the use of the machine to ensure the attachment, instrumentation and protective devices are intact.

2. In the operation of rolling molding machine, Roll Forming Machine must strictly carry out equipment maintenance procedures and procedures, can not overload the use of equipment, in the use of the process needs careful maintenance equipment, civilized operation equipment.

3. In addition to the above mentioned aspects, in the use of the process also need to keep the equipment in a "neat, clean, lubrication, safe" status, timely troubleshooting equipment failures, and with maintenance personnel maintenance.

Roll forming machine, including rack, transmission mechanism, left top roller, right upper roller, left, right glue roll, up-down rolling distance adjustment device; Roll Forming Machine the lower and upper roller distance adjustment device is mounted on the bottom of the rack; the right upper roller is mounted on the upper and lower roller distance adjustment device, and the outer surface of the left and right upper roller is respectively convolutional sheet metal layering; the up-down rolling distance adjustment device includes support the lower part of the support bar is mounted on the rack, the left and right glue rollers are respectively mounted on the supporting rod; The two ends of the upper right roller are respectively mounted on the supporting pipe sleeve, and the machined sheet metal can improve the bending strength and the appearance effect of the sheet metal parts.

Roll Forming Machine anti-collision system, belonging to the field of anti-collision system automation, the roll forming machine anti-collision system mainly includes switches, block cylinder, molding products, die group sliding platform, ruler, cutter die, machine base, working cylinder, lifting mold block, PLC. The switch includes the first proximity switch, the second proximity switch, the third proximity switch, the first connection ...

Roll forming machine belongs to the field of corrugated pipe making equipment, which solves the problem of making corrugated pipe for large diameter hose; The main spindle mould (1), forming mould (14) and school mould (18) are composed of three parts, which are interrelated and interrelated. Spindle Mold (1) integrally machined and connected in the spindle (30), forming molds (14) and the school mold (18) through the plate mutually coordinated assembly together, forming cylinder (15) through the formation of the slider (13) to drive the molding mold (14 ) The upper and lower limits of the operation to complete the formation of the wave, the school type cylinder (19) through the school-type slider (11) to promote the school mold (18) on, the lower limit is run to complete the wave of the school type, can be easily and quickly produced large diameter, Roll Forming Machine especially the hose with more than 600mm corrugated pipe, filled the domestic blank, stable operation, easy to maintain, easy to operate.