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Classification Of Varieties And Materials Proved Mosaic
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Mosaic of varieties and materials do you know! They are according to the aesthetic to be classified? Mosaic tiles in accordance with the material, the process can be divided into several different types. Glass mosaic as the process can be divided into one side of the machine cutting, cutting on both sides of the machine as well as hand-cut, non-glass mosaics, in accordance with its material can be divided into ceramic mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic, and so on. Mosaic texture combination of varieties can be personalized free!

Ceramic mosaic mosaic the most traditional one, is famous for its small, but rather monotonous and lower grades.

Marble Mosaic is a mosaic of medium-term development and colorful, but the bad acid, waterproof performance is not good, so the market is not very good.

Colorful glass mosaic glass brings vitality to mosaic. It is based on the different varieties of glass, is divided into many small species:
 1. the molten glass mosaics in Portland as the main raw material, melting in high temperature molding and half is opaque or opaque, and contains very little air bubbles and the unmelted particles of glass mosaic.

2. sintered glass mosaics with glass powder as raw material, add appropriate amount of bonding agent into a certain size of blank in certain temperature sintering of glass mosaic.

3. the glass mosaic of Venus contains very little bubbles and a certain amount of metal Crystal particles, with obvious light shimmering glass mosaic.