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Construction Technology Of Guardrail Forming Machine
- Jun 14, 2017 -

The fence forming machine is a hydraulic press that is used to mold the crater after extrusion and cutting of the vacuum screw extruder.

Equipment Dimensions: 18000mm × 1000mm × 1500mm

Weight: 8000kg

Hydraulic power: 15kw

Motor power: 15kw

Cutting power: 11kw

Electronic control system: the whole machine using industrial computer PLC control

Transmission: 15kw motor by Pm500 reducer driven sprocket chain, Guardrail Forming Machine the chain 1.5-inch double row.

Plate thickness: 3.0-3.5mm

Molding: by 13 row of the upper and lower mold to press molding.

Shaft diameter: Φ95

Working speed: 6000mm / min

Guardrail Forming Machine Production process:

Feeding - Punching - Pressing - Cutting - Discharging