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Double-layer Molding Machine To Improve The Production Rate
- Jun 14, 2017 -

The double-layer molding machine is changed between high or low racks. The production of a contour color plate is mounted on a low rack, and another type of plate is produced on a high rack. Double Layer Forming Machine The production line has an uncoiler, A cut off the press, if the color plate is fed into the lower roll, forming a plate (such as a cottage with a plywood), such as a roll, into a high-level roll, forming another section (deck).

Double-layer molding machine, the emergence of such equipment, greatly save the space, the time to replace the two plates also become shorter, but also improve the production rate, but at the same time, due to relatively crowded, difficult to install auxiliary roller frame, Double Layer Forming Machine difficult to adjust And check the molding conditions

Double-layer molding machine details are as follows:

1. Transmission type: gear / sprocket;

2. Molding roller: CNC finishing, Double Layer Forming Machine the outer surface after polishing hard chrome;

3. Shaft: quenched and tempered, finishing;

4. forming speed: about 12 m / min; frequency control;

5. Cutting type: automatic cutting after hydraulic power molding;

6. Control type: PLC automatic control; hand touch screen operation; inverter speed; encoder count