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Frequency Conversion Control Of Roofing Tile Forming Machine
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The so-called flat is in the roofing tile molding machine in place, after looking for the right (no longer horizontal mobile equipment), the initial level of roofing tile molding machine Generally adjusted to the degree of close to the requirements. After the anchor Bolt grouting well cleans the roofing tile forming machine, then carries on the fine flat again. There are two reasons why they can't be tuned up at once:

(1) At this time, the anchor bolt Hole has not been grouted, leveling can not be fixed.

(2) At the beginning of the time, roofing tile molding machine has not been cleaned, Roof Tile forming Machine the level of the roof tile molding machine processing surface also only local rub, the measurement results are not very accurate.

Because the embedded anchor bolts are generally difficult to accurately, it is difficult to match the bolt holes on the base of the roofing tile forming machine, Roof Tile forming Machine often bring some trouble to the installation, therefore, the anchor bolts are not embedded, but the foundation is reserved hole. Roofing tile Molding machine in place, the anchor bolt into the roof tile forming machine base bolt hole, plus washer, screw the nut, and make the wire buckle exposed 2-3 buckle, first flat and then the anchor bolt to die. This approach to the bolt Center distance, verticality, exposed length and so easy to control, there will be no bolt and hole does not coincide with the phenomenon, Roof Tile forming Machine even if the reservation position has this deviation, the bolt still has the leeway to adjust.

Roofing Tile Molding machine before leveling, should first understand the location of the place where the horn should be selected where appropriate. The position of the mat iron is related to the shape of the roof tile forming machine and the position of the bolt hole on the base.

According to the requirements of the specification, Roof Tile forming Machine the location of the mat iron should follow several principles:

(1) The center line of the horn should be perpendicular to the edge of the base of the roof tile forming machine.

(2) The length of the flat mat iron exposed base is half of the total length, Roof Tile forming Machine and the length of the oblique horn exposure is about 3/5.

(3) The distance between the horn is 500-1000 mm appropriate.

(4) Each anchor bolts, should be symmetrically placed a group (two) horn, the two distance is about 200 mm.

The first flat is in the roof tile molding machine's sentiment processing level surface water meter to measure the roofing tile molding machine The condition, Roof Tile forming Machine such as the level of disparity, can be low side of the mat iron for a thickness of one points, such as the level of the difference is not large, can be used to enter the oblique horn of the method gradually leveling, which side low, which side of the oblique horn, until close to the level of demand.

The level meter is the precision measuring tool, when the measurement is put on the finishing surface, the position surface must be wiped clean with a soft cloth or cotton yarn. When playing the horn, be sure to pick up the level of the instrument to shockproof bad.

In the first flat, if a piece of pad iron into too much, the exposed length is less than the specified value, it should be replaced. Roof Tile forming Machine Because in the refined peacetime, further adjust the horizontal shore, still want to use the method of oblique mat iron, if the first peacetime, oblique horn into too much, fine usually not enough, then can not adjust.

Roofing tile Forming machine roll forming pressure plate, the equipment is solemn and elegant, beautiful and novel, and the appearance of flat, corrugated uniform, high utilization rate, strong, high production automation, low cost, durable.

Technical parameters

Overall Dimension: 5100mmx1400mmx1000mm

Electronic control system: the use of industrial Computer PLC inverter control

Motor power: 3KW

Production Speed: 0-9m/min

Purpose: Housing panel

Applicable sheet Thickness: 0.25-0.8mm

Sheet expansion Width: 1000mm

Roofing tile Forming machine in various industrial plant, warehouse and other roofing production with high crest, strong advantages, lap installation safe and reliable, Roof Tile forming Machine waterproof and anti-riot performance, such as the characteristics of the pressure plate to solve the conventional series of pressure plate roof leakage problem, with the arch machine can be made without beam arched roof.