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Guardrail Molding Machine High Yield
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Guardrail molding machine production efficiency can reach 5-8m / min, and high yield. Features and Uses: Guardrail board machine using the arch, Guardrail Forming Machine to increase the firm's firm; the use of gear box drive, the machine is running more stable; products used in various barriers, highway fence, Guardrail Forming Machine animal husbandry fence and so on.

The fence forming machine is mainly composed of several parts such as uncoiler, leveling machine, punching machine, punching machine, forming host, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, Guardrail Forming Machine computer control system and finished product bracket.

Technical parameters of guardrail molding machine

1, the total power of equipment 90KW.

2, the maximum rolling profile height of 85mm,

3, Guardrail Forming Machine the maximum rolling thickness of 4.0mm,

4, the maximum rolling speed of 15m per minute.

5, the welding frame of the structural materials must meet the requirements, Guardrail Forming Machine welding to meet the national requirements of welding standards.

6, the equipment by the rust treatment, the first coated steel special anti-rust paint, anti-rust paint must cover a comprehensive, Guardrail Forming Machine and then coated with high quality finish. Rotation part of the application of warning color distinction.

Guardrail Forming Machine Molding

Lifting machine - Leveling machine - Punching machine - Quick feeding - Photoelectric measuring - Forming host - Straightening device - Receiving rack - Control system - Forming mold

Guardrail Forming Machine composition

The entire production line set the school level, feeding / punching, forming, cutting and many other technologies in one of the production equipment.

The whole production line consists of discharge system, punching system, forming system, cutting system, electric control system and other components.

Guardrail molding machine production efficiency can reach 5-8m / min, and high yield.

Technical Parameters: 

Dimensions: 18000mmX1700mmX1500mm

Production speed: 8m / min c

Applicable sheet thickness: 2-4mm

Plate development width: according to plate size may be