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Guardrail Molding Machine Production Efficiency Is High
- May 31, 2017 -

Guardrail molding machine production efficiency can reach 5-8m / min, and high yield.

Fence forming machine high efficiency, smooth movement, Guardrail Forming Machine low noise, high precision is the characteristics of the machine, with different types of molds can adapt to a variety of complex shape parts compression forming, uniform density, the main components into the quenching, chrome treatment, the hydraulic Components, electrical components and seals are imported products, mining PLG control system, with photoelectric protection device, safe operation, convenient.

Fence forming machine is mainly applied to a variety of powder compression molding, such as: iron, copper, ferrite magnetic materials, molybdenum, titanium, aluminum and other metal powder. Guardrail Forming Machine The utility model relates to an improved automatic powder molding press characterized by the use of a second-stage gear drive, the intermediate gear shaft of the transmission device is synchronized with the upper and lower crankshaft parallel to the crankshaft, Mechanism and stripping mechanism connected directly to the suppression, stripping, and thus inertia, energy consumption, strong pressing, high power; and mold for the open, mold positioning accuracy, easy to install and adjust; driven by the eccentric wheel The wheel has a sufficient molding press time, Guardrail Forming Machine the finished product quality is good, the performance is stable, and the equipment structure is compact, the degree of automation is high, the service life is long, the service life is long, the service life is long, Can be widely used in metal, non-metallic powder compression molding.