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Guardrail Molding Machine Production Efficiency Is High
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Fence forming machine mainly consists of several parts such as uncoiler, leveling machine, punching machine, punching hole machine, forming host, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control system and finished product bracket. Mainly used in factories, workshops, warehouses, car parks, commercial areas, Guardrail Forming Machine public places and other occasions in the protection of equipment and facilities and protection.

The fence forming machine is a hydraulic press for the precise molding of the rough slabs used to squeeze and cut the vacuum screw extruder when the glazed tile is produced by wet process.

The products produced by the fence forming machine are characterized by light weight, high strength, Guardrail Forming Machine heavy load and good shock resistance, Guardrail Forming Machine and are widely used in the field of high-rise steel structure.

Guardrail molding machine production efficiency can reach 5-8m / min, and high yield.

Fence forming machine technical parameters:

Dimensions: 18000mmX1700mmX1500mm

Production speed: 8m / min c

Uses: high-speed fence

Applicable sheet thickness: 2-4mm

Plate development width: Guardrail Forming Machine according to board size may be

Anti-collision fence guardrail --- here refers to the industrial "fence"