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High Degree Of Automation Of Roofing Tile Forming Machine
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Roofing Tile Molding machine products with light weight, high strength, bearing significant, seismic characteristics of good, is widely used in high-rise steel construction field.

Roofing Tile Molding machine is solemn and elegant, beautiful and novel, and the appearance of flat, corrugated uniform, high utilization, strength, Roof Tile forming Machine high production automation, low cost, durable. Products are widely used in large and medium-sized enterprise civil construction, such as plant, locomotive depot, aircraft library, sports venues Exhibition hall, theaters and so on.

Roofing tile Forming machine is widely used in all kinds of industrial plant, housing, warehouse and market shed curved roof production and elegant, durable.

Mainly by the feed into the platform, Roof Tile forming Machine molding mainframe, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control system and other parts of the composition.

The optional configuration has the general discharging machine, Roof Tile forming Machine the hydraulic discharging machine, the automatic chopping machine and so on.

Roof Tile forming Machine Main technical parameters

1. Installation Size: 11000mmx1700mmx1600mm

2, forming road number: 11 Road

3. Material of Roller wheel: $number Steel

4, the thickness of the roller plating layer: 0.05mm

5. Cutter Material: Cr12

6, Molding speed: 9-10m/min.

7, electronic control system: Industrial Computer PLC Control

8, Inverter: Count accurate anti-belt knife function (optional)

9, host Power: 3kw

10, Hydraulic station power: 3kw

11, Sheet Thickness: 0.4-0.7mm

12, Sheet expansion width: 1000mm