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High Yield Of Guardrail Forming Machine
- Aug 15, 2017 -

Guardrail forming machine is mainly composed of unwinding machine, leveling machine, punching machine, punching medium hole machine, forming host, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, computer control system, finished product bracket and so on. Guardrail molding machine products with light weight, high strength, bearing significant, Guardrail Forming Machine seismic characteristics of good, is widely used in high-rise steel construction field.

Guardrail forming machine is the wet production of glazed tiles used to squeeze the vacuum screw extruder and cut the coarse tile after the precise shape of the hydraulic presses. The use of guardrail forming machine makes the management level of expressway greatly improve, Guardrail Forming Machine reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, thus prevent the occurrence of the joint and several lawsuit cases, and ensure the safe and unimpeded of expressway, and realize the high speed, high efficiency and management level of expressway.

Guardrail molding machine production efficiency can reach 5-8m/min, and high yield, guardrail forming machine mainly by the unwinding machine, leveling machine, punching machine, Chong-hole machine, forming host, Guardrail Forming Machine forming shearing device, hydraulic station, finished product bracket and other parts.

Main technical parameters

Host Power: 5KW

Molding Speed: 8m/min.

Sheet Thickness: 2.5-3.0mm

Sheet expansion width: $number mm

Sheet Material: Q235

Sheet Thickness: 2.5-3.0mm

Sheet Material: Q235

Sheet expansion Width: 482mm

I. Guardrail Forming Machine Loading

1. Single-head unwinding machine, Guardrail Forming Machine single side discharging

2, the use of automatic hydraulic pressure to tighten

3, the maximum volume weight: 5000KG

4. Max. Volume Diameter: 2200mm

5. Hydraulic Power: 3KW

6. Oil cylinder Diameter: 120mm, working pressure 10MPA

7. Max Volume width 500mm

II. Molding

1, Guardrail Forming Machine open material into the Unit guide wheel.

2, leveling for the upper three rollers under four rollers, forming shaft diameter φ80mm (material $number through the tempering treatment), roll material for GCR15, quenching to hrc58°-62°, Guardrail Forming Machine surface plating hard chromium, suppress thickness of 2.5m-3.0m.

3, punching: the use of hydraulic punching (material Cr12 die steel quenching treatment, can be left and right before and after any adjustment)

4. Cut off hydraulic shearing (material Cr12 quenching hrc60-62)

5, Cycloid reducer power: 15KW

6, Transmission: Chain drive, 2-inch single row chain

7. Host Power: 5KW

8, the unit adopts frequency conversion speed 5m-12m/min

9, the size of the equipment: long. 5mx width 1.2mx height 1.5m

10. Guardrail Forming Machine Volume width $number mm

11, computer use of Taiwan PLC

12, hydraulic station motor power: 15KW, Pressure 20MPA

III. Discharging

Simple discharging rack

1. This frame is welded by 60mmx40mm Square pipe.

2. A sliding wheel on the frame

3. Specification: Length 1.5mx width 0.9mx High 0.6m