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Main Power Of Guardrail Forming Machine
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Guardrail forming machine is mainly composed of unwinding machine, leveling machine, punching machine, punching middle hole machine, forming host, forming shearing device, hydraulic station, Guardrail Forming Machine finished product bracket and so on.

Main technical parameters

Host Power: 5KW

Guardrail Forming Machine Molding Speed: 8m/min.

Sheet Thickness: 2.5-3.0mm

Sheet expansion width: $number mm

Sheet Material: Q235

The precision machining of the guardrail forming machine is processed in the XA type vertical landing Platform Milling machine, the ZA pillar vertical drilling machine and the ZA-type rocker arm drilling machine with the omnipotent split head.

① a datum plane of the ball on the vertical milling machine, Guardrail Forming Machine and machining the datum screw hole on the drilling machine, and then applying the datum screw to transfer the split head to the XA type vertical milling machine to produce the plane of each chord hole and the ventral rod hole. The positioning error of the fixture's migration and transformation is as below, Guardrail Forming Machine the processing is finished, the angle is detected, Guardrail Forming Machine the matching requirement is authentic.

Guardrail Forming Machine

The ② adopts the positioning fixture to finish the hole machining on the vertical drilling machine.

③ finally in the drilling machine long thread processing, to ensure that the middle axis of the thread hole angle error is not much.

The inspection of guardrail forming machine is important to take angle plate, angle plate and angle bar to detect angle.

① the angle error of the middle axis of adjacent two-screw holes is controlled in ±, Guardrail Forming Machine and the thread length must guarantee the nominal diameter of the double guardrail forming machine.

② on the same axis two end surface equal degree license error:

When d, the error is; Guardrail molding machine to take the # high-quality steel, all raw materials into the plant after the sampling of physical and chemical mechanical function test. Then to professional forging units with kilograms or kilograms of air hammer forging into the ball blanks. The blank is treated by normalizing, so its hardness reaches hb~.     Blank request no crack, excessive, Guardrail Forming Machine MA point and other shortcomings, the ellipse degree does not span the diameter of%. The verticality of the end surface and the axis of the ④ guardrail forming machine is the diameter of the end surface of the% screw.

⑤ screw hole thread processing accuracy, satisfy GB in the H class.

Guardrail Molding machine Test Collection

To order the guardrail forming machine of Shanghai guardrail forming machine factory, we must have a certificate of qualification and test declaration.

Guardrail forming machine for the% of external and geometric size check.

Guardrail molding machine material for MTB steel, Guardrail Forming Machine consistent with the national response standards, intensity level of more than the level.

The thread of the guardrail forming machine is according to GB "coarse tooth wide Thread" stipulation, the tolerance of the thread is in GB of grade H.

The permissible error of the ③ end surface distance is?

After the inspection of the external and geometrical dimensions, the hardness is measured on the hr-a Rockwell hardness tester, Guardrail Forming Machine but each batch is not less than the group, and the hardness request reaches hrc-.

Take the double release of the guardrail molding machine pieces of crack detection.