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Mosaic Effects Of Glass-plastic Working Method
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Mosaic effects of glass-plastic working method

Glass malleable plastic: paste filling one adhesive: is bonding mirror mosaic, and due to the alkalinity of cement was too large, mosaic mirror mirror scratches, alkali, effect mirror mosaic appearance.

1 strong adhesion, paste and more safe, secure, avoid facing off, paste the product can be used with the filling.

2 easy and quick: no need to wet walls, construction technology, the reform makes traditional old technology more than twice times faster.
3 good aging resistance, impermeability: the product is modified inorganic synthetic materials.
4 flexible: able to withstand external stress due to dry-wet changes of hot and cold, so as to avoid facing such as quality issues.
5 can be soaked in water for a long time, not alkaline, do not pollute the finishes.
Second base:
The base surface should be smooth, clean, strong, no dust, water, grease and other dirt and other loose material, for grass-roots wetting with water absorption.
Three construction methods:
1 first join the proportion of water in the container (powder: water =4:1) and slowly pour the powder, wooden rollers or power tools no agglomeration of powder to mix paste, set aside for 5 minutes, then stir once and construction.
2 mixing good with a blade of glass malleable plastic scraping the base surface, base 3-5mm thick glass malleable plastic, each shave about 1 square, then use toothed blade m squeegee to desired thickness of glass, mosaics are then labeled coating, with wooden tapered tap to ensure mosaic and glass m bonding angle is good. Before you glue dry the excess glue removed.
3 mosaic paste after 24 hours, sponge scraper or a suitable tool from the diagonal seam filling.
Four considerations:
1 verticality of construction should be confirmed before the base surface.
After Ma squeegee, 2 glass base, you must paste in under 10 minutes in the.
3 glass malleable paste, due to misplaced need to be adjusted for, must be adjusted within 10 minutes, lest the strength.
4 the construction after 24 hours, before they can enter or fillers.
5 this product suitable for use by 5-40 ℃ environment, prohibition of dry mortar mix with water before use.
6 you should keep at least 12 hours after construction, the Sun, and frost;
7 as it strayed into the eyes will be stimulating, please rinse with water or see a doctor.
Five sizes:
1: due to surface roughness, and relative reduction in the amount of base formation. General 2-5kg/square meters.
2 specification: packaging: 25kg/bags, 5kg/bags.
Six storage and transportation:
1 store in a cool dry place, storage transport against dampness, moisture, exposure when stored for a period of 18 months.
2 this product is nontoxic, tasteless, pollution-free, not flammable and not explosive, according to General cargo transport

Mosaic must use the neutral glass glue. White cement goods cannot be used with alkaline glass glue. Remember that!