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Mosaic People Charm
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Mosaic gives the charm! Mosaic now always has a different mission and meaning, it is not only rich in material and color complexity, standard compact and collage casual pictures feature also reflects well of color. Mosaic designers need irregular-shaped, spherical, surface, surface of the diversity, charm of the mosaic, in the renovation process and who can resist its charms?

Mosaic material State different satisfaction more need! mosaic of varieties: common of mosaic material has: ceramic, and glass, and stone and metal mosaic, after modern technology of build, mosaic in texture Shang has has State different, rendering has gold, and shells, and coconut shell, and bamboo, and wood mosaic ceramic mosaic and glass mosaic using most widely, ceramic mosaic by fired Hou spray glaze and into, never faded; glass mosaic acid alkali, and resistance corrosion, has 0 sucking water rate of absolute advantage, most for decoration bathroom space, Defects are poor abrasion resistance. Other materials the use of mosaic is not widely used, but the same expression could enrich the space. Natural rich color space you can choose shell mosaic, declaring "Zen" meaning space available bamboo mosaics decorate decoration!

Role: with colorful glazed ceramic mosaic appearance, allowing space very layered; crystal glass mosaic, making more transparent metal mosaic appearance with metallic luster and texture, especially for space experience; and stone mosaic stone reflects on the role of originality, can build simple air. Mosaic of different materials can be harmony in a space as a basis for allocation.

Complicated mosaic color: Visual mosaic tile colors, not just bright blue, bright green, yellow, pink, red and other bright colors, gray, beige, black, gaudy and simple color but also very necessary, it can color mosaic color coordination plays a crucial role. Decoration: mosaic color color blending can be divided into pure color, the same color, mixed color, metallic colors, and other distribution methods. Selection with color mosaic shades beat or transition of method, can for space of some decorated; after big area of pure color may metal color block can end mutation, and mutatis mutandis, decoration role, this is big area ornaments material impossible rendering of color contact, for example to green mainly color for mixed posted, with accounted for 50% share of two species shallow green mosaic, equipment 30% of deep green mosaic, plus 20% of lemon as decorated, on will in Visual Shang has a refreshing of feel ; Color assigned to construction of bright vivid air.