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Mosaic Quality Importance
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Mosaic grams of quality is very important to manufacturers: pollution prevention measures: mosaic paved after the start, not on the scaffold and Interior and exterior decoration, the operator shall comply strictly with the work floor ash clean up immediately after the end. Jointing should be carried out from top to bottom, removed the scaffolding should be careful not to hit the wall. Using colored paper packaging mosaic, to prevent rain or moisture during transportation and storage. Upon completion of the construction work after the mosaic wall floor, such as mortar, grout stain, scrub free 10% hydrochloric acid solution, and rinse again. It must be noted that washing should be from the top down, then dry and clean.

Quality problems facing uneven, irregular sewn seams straight precautions:, mosaic decoration construction should be carefully checked before actual deviation of structure, according to the row of brick modulus and reference requirements, draw a construction detail drawing and machining cells, pre-selected mosaic, cut order specifications, memo to paste the condemnation. Appropriate requirements, large deviation of the base surface, pick your cut or patched in advance to prevent Windows, window sills, line, parts of the brick stack and other gaps do not occur evenly or the corner office not whole bricks. Wipe the scratch coat to ensure a flat, angle of yin and Yang to founder after the hair vertically and water conservation.

Scratch coat from the top to the bottom eject some water the path line, vertical line on the play at the corner of yin and Yang, window, with control line when pasting. Mosaic tile surface layers after pasting, use clappers on the guide you have posted above, with little right to hammer, knocking evenly, make the surface paste firmly peaceful enough, check the gap straight size. Bending and torsion of the gap using the axe was straightened, then hammer clappers on the surface evenly Pat again, until the surface flat enough and then brush the water remove the paper.