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Mosaic Shop Frequently Asked Questions
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Mosaic shopping, Taobao some frequently encountered problems, people will pay attention to them, will be under a single purchase! 1. Please contact us before the store determines the order of time, quantity and mode of transport, we will change according to the mode of transport freight, don't worry, please watch your quantity, recommended buying a piece to fill the loss.

2. the pictures are pictures of the products. Each product has a positive figure, as well as details of the profile and maximum performance of the color and texture of the product, in addition to the watermark no PS, but because of darkness, shooting equipment and monitors and other factors, cannot guarantee that the colors in the picture on the computer and no difference in kind.

3. Please contact us before to confirm shipping costs, and the availability of cash, part of the mosaic is set products, factories with semi-finished products, after ordering a certain processing cycle, usually in the 1-15 days. Specific production cycle depends on the product, please place your order as early as possible without affecting your schedule, arrival time different logistics company, destination, quantity of goods to another. Actual time of arrival is subject to logistics or courier arrival time. If the goods need to transit between cities, time will have to wait a bit longer. Arrival time delays due to logistics company, we will strive to assist in tracking and urge, but cannot assume responsibility for the logistics company. Please budget your time.

4. damaged issue: mosaic tiles are used in packaging, in accordance with the previous shipping experience rarely damaging. Sometimes just broken a few particles, which belongs to the range of normal wear. Need to replace broken particles can only, and does not affect the normal use. If there is a large area of damage, in the delivery of logistics station, inspection and logistics companies to write broken clear evidence. We will ship back to you.

5. the replenishment issue: mosaic is a customized product, the mosaic of different production batches cannot guarantee that there is no difference. When you purchase good quantity is calculated. Mosaic is heavy, depending on the product, weighing 5-17 kg per square, so dominated by logistics, but you can also request express, specific modes of transport determined in accordance with your order number and your city. We will help you select the most suitable mode of transportation as much as possible.