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Roll Forming Machine Design Is Reasonable, Low Cost
- May 31, 2017 -

Rolling machine mainly by the rack, spindle, gear box, column die sets, rolling and control devices. Which is characterized by the rack inside the spring with a spindle and motor, the top of the rack with a brake device and die sets. The other end of the rack uprights equipped with the above base. The utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, reasonable design, low cost, safe and reliable, Roll Forming Machine high efficiency, and can be stepless speed regulation and easy to use and so on. It is an ideal molding equipment for the processing of crucible products in the ceramic industry.

The roll forming machine comprises a base and a central controller, and the feed adjusting mechanism is arranged in order from the right to the left in the base, the feeding pressure group, the forming pressure group and the stamping die unit, the feeding adjusting mechanism, the feeding pressure group And a stent is provided with a guide rail, Roll Forming Machine and a slider is arranged on the guide rail, and the slider is connected with the inside of the base And the driving mechanism is respectively connected with the upper pressing rod and the fixed type stick, and the driving mechanism is connected with the hydraulic pressing rod, and the hydraulic mechanism is connected with the hydraulic plunger, The device and the stamping die unit are connected with the central controller. Roll Forming Machine The invention comprises a plurality of striped embossed lines.

With the development of the market for rolling machines, the market for rolling presses is becoming saturated, relatively speaking, the market competition of first-line rolling machine is more intense, and relatively speaking, the three or four lines and even the rural market are still To be developed in the state, Roll Forming Machine so the rolling machine business and its first line in the market to survive, it would be better to sink to the vast rural market to open up new world.

Urgent need to break the rural market

The current second-tier cities, the population density has been too large, the direction of new urbanization or will promote the labor force back to the township, so the rural market still has a broad space for development, and with the overall income level of residents, Roll Forming Machine mid-roll molding machine products Infiltration to the rural market will also become a continuing trend. Therefore, the current low-end roll forming machine products will accelerate the layout to the rural market, the end product will accelerate to the three or four lines of urban or rural infiltration.

In the long run, as the rolling machine industry matures and consumer awareness increases, the cost of competition will be higher and higher, and the opposite is that profits will be lower and lower, the marginal revenue will be more less and less. The rural market is relatively less competitors, the potential space is huge, so for the roll molding machine industry, the rural market is not to enter the problem, Roll Forming Machine but how to enter the problem.

To be stationed in rural markets to seize properties

The market has entered a high standard of competition in the era of technology, with the rolling molding machine products and the development of high-end trend of increasingly clear, manufacturers of technology research and development capabilities have been tested, but also will accelerate the technical competition between enterprises. Rolling machine manufacturers should follow the trend of technology, increase product technology research and development efforts to improve product competitiveness, but also pay attention to the product of the rural market channel construction, consumer training and price adjustment in real time.

In the product design, we should pay attention to the special nature of rural residents consumption, production and marketing of rural consumers to move more action to the heart. In the start of the rural market, can not be everywhere to the city-based coordinates, but can not regard the rural areas as a product inventory of the recycling station, it is bound to be rejected by the market.

Small and medium-sized rolling machine business enterprises such as the trend can be seen in rural areas, to avoid the big brands in the first-tier cities to form a direct competition, spend great efforts in the second and third tier cities to build sales channels, will be vividly.