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Rolling Machine Production Efficiency
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Rolling machine is a light molding machine in the molding equipment. It consists mainly of rack, spindle, gear box, column die sets, rolling and control devices. Roll Forming Machine It is characterized by the rack inside the spring with a spindle and motor, the top of the rack with a brake device and die sets. The other end of the rack is equipped with a base with a base. The utility model has the characteristics of simple structure, reasonable design, low cost, safe and reliable, high efficiency, and can be stepless speed regulation and easy to use and so on. Roll Forming Machine It is an ideal molding equipment for the processing of crucible products in the ceramic industry.

Rolling machine. Which comprises a body and a bracket on the upper part of the body, characterized in that the bracket is provided with a slide rail on the side of the bracket, the slide head is provided with a rolling head sliding seat on which the rolling head and the rolling head And the other end of the drive chain is connected with the counterweight, and the bottom of the roller head is provided with a drive chain, Roll Forming Machine and one end of the drive chain is connected with the upper end of the slide head sliding seat. The connecting rod extends into the body and is hinged to the swinging rod hinged at the rear end of the body, and the cam is arranged above the swing lever, and the shaft of the cam is connected with the cam motor fixed on the body through the gear box. Roll Forming Machine The utility model solves the shortcomings of the rolling head of the existing mechanical transmission type rolling machine which can not be vertically lifted and lowered, and uses the cam to drive the swing lever to realize the vertical lifting, easy to use, simple structure, Roll Forming Machine long service life and the production efficiency high.