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Rolling Machine Using Industrial Computer Frequency Control
- Jun 28, 2017 -

With the development of economy, the application of light steel structure in the construction of the popular, increasing demand for production equipment, production equipment, automation requirements are getting higher and higher, the company invested, research and development of various types of color steel Pressure plate (tile) C, Z-shaped steel (Tan sand) automatic control of production lines are at home and abroad leading position, Roll Forming Machine with a lightweight structure, reasonable design, constantly updated progress and much light steel builders and products business favor and praise.

Highway wave beam guardrail plate rolling machine can produce according to production needs of different appearance of the roof, and high yield.

Dimensions: 18000mmX1700mmX1500mm

Electronic control system: the use of industrial computer PLC frequency control

Motor power: 22KW

Production speed: 8m / min

Applicable sheet thickness: 2-4mm

Uses: high-speed fence

Plate development width: according to board size may be

For the production type of business, are willing to mechanized processing methods, Roll Forming Machine reduce labor intensity, thereby reducing the cost of labor inputs, the original need to use the mechanized processing methods of the manufacturers, but also by optimizing the choice of equipment, the maximum degree of To reduce the labor intensity. For example, the need to use the roll molding machine to carry out product rolling molding of the manufacturers, it will choose the following can effectively reduce the labor intensity of the equipment to use, Roll Forming Machine so that the work of workers more easily, and then reduce the production side Artificial quantity and lower labor costs:

Intelligent control: relatively speaking, the use of intelligent control system of the roll molding machine, because the operation control is very simple, do not need to use too many manual operation, more in the use of time to reduce the labor intensity, so that workers In a relatively relaxed state for processing.

Automated operation: If the roll forming machine can be automated in operation, can be processed after the start of the automated operation, then it will be able to reduce the processing of many manual work, naturally, can reduce the labor intensity.

In addition, we also need to ensure that the choice of rolling machine function is complete and efficient, can have the advantages of equipment to play, Roll Forming Machine to fully meet the needs of the use of the case, the effective in the rolling molding processing to reduce the labor intensity.

Users use the roll molding machine is to carry out the molding process of the product, is required by virtue of the equipment to achieve a good molding effect, to ensure that the processing of products with good results, to achieve a higher quality level. To do this, we need to use the following characteristics of these devices, with these features to promote the equipment to achieve optimal application, to ensure that the product quality:

Structural optimization: In order to ensure the quality of the product, the requirements of the roll forming machine with structural optimization of this feature, Roll Forming Machine because only in the equipment structure design is very optimized circumstances, the various parts of the structure will play a good function will be In all the structures have an excellent role to play, can be highly effective with the next, play a very good function, in order to achieve good results through the product quality assurance.

Advanced technology: If the roll forming machine is the application of advanced technology, then it can not only achieve a high level of functionality in the use of operations will also have a great advantage in the convenience of everyone at the same time, the operation will very simple. This kind of roll forming machine must be able to easily optimize the use, so naturally able to do a good job in product quality assurance.