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Roofing Tile Forming Machine Produces Inexpensive Products
- Aug 03, 2017 -

Roofing tile Forming machine uses the craft production product, produced by the plate with high strength, large format, fire, moisture, waterproof and other characteristics, widely applicable to shopping malls, guesthouses, restaurants, nightclubs, stations, office buildings, rooms, dado, ceiling and other interior decoration, furniture, doors, compartments are also widely used.

Roofing tile Molding machine Production of inexpensive products, waste material utilization. is the ideal substitute for all kinds of wood planks. Roofing tile Forming machine adopts roller press plate, Roof Tile forming Machine one molding, uniform thickness and high output. Equipped with vibration device to eliminate internal external bubbles, make the plate more dense, using non-woven fabric as the isolation film, increased toughness and strength.

Roofing tile Molding machine production of products with hundreds of species, can be nailed, planed, sticky, can produce simulation wood ash board, imitation Red Beech Board, Oak Board, Fire relief Doors, dado plate ceiling panels, wall decorative murals and other products. Roofing tile Forming machine is a kind of advanced and reasonable plate production equipment, set continuous production multi-function in one, Roof Tile forming Machine the production of wastes, green environmental protection, roofing tile molding machine production of materials for inorganic, plant fiber and other natural materials, no radiation, 100% do not contain asbestos, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, is a national policy to encourage new products.

Precautions for installation process of roofing tile forming Machine

First, in the southern color plate is generally designed as a single layer color plate, Roof Tile forming Machine in order to reduce the solar radiation heat into the interior of the building, in the installation of roofing panels, the roof system can be installed insulation layer. There is a very simple, cost-effective way to reduce condensation by separating the foil film on the Purlin or slats before installing the roofing plates. The air layer between the film and the housing panel will further enhance the heat insulation effect if the sagging depth of the film between the supports reaches 50~75mm.

Second, the side and end of the color plate lap. Roof Tile forming Machine When installing each piece of steel plate, it shall be properly placed on the front plate and clamped with the previous plate until both ends of the plate are fixed. A simple and effective method is to use a pair of clamp forceps to clip the home plate. When the steel plate is positioned lengthwise, at the end of the top, especially with pliers clamp the side part, Roof Tile forming Machine so as to ensure that one end of the plate in place, and make one end of the lap is also in the correct position, thus fixing the plate, in the process of fixing, clamp should always be in the longitudinal clamping steel plate. Each plate must be completely fastened before the next plate is installed. The fixation must begin at the center of the plate, then extend to both sides, and finally to the lap of the plate. For end lap, because the roofing and wall profile board is made by the method of continuous processing, so the length of the steel plate can be limited by the conditions of transport, usually do not need to lap, the length of steel plate is enough to meet the need of roofing.

Third, the selection of tapping screws. Fixed screws should be selected in accordance with the service life of the structure to select the fixed parts, and pay special attention to the life of the material and the life of the specified fixed parts are consistent. Note that the steel purlin thickness can not exceed the screw's self drilling ability. Currently available screws can be provided with plastic head, Roof Tile forming Machine stainless steel top cover or coated with a special durable protective layer. In addition, in addition to the dark buckle fixed screws, the other screws are equipped with waterproof washers, and for the lighting board and special wind pressure under the situation are fitted with the corresponding special washers.

Four, the roof tile forming machine installs the fixed way to have the penetrating type and the concealed clasp type two kinds. The penetration fixed is the roof and metope color steel equipment installs the most commonly used way, namely uses the self tapping screw or the rivet to fasten the color plate on the support piece (such as Purlin), the penetrating type fixed divides into the crest fixed, the trough fixed or their combination. Roof Tile forming Machine Dark buckle concealed type fixed is to be connected with the dark buckle color plate matching special dark buckle first fixed in support pieces (such as purlin) on the color plate of the mother rib and dark buckle center rib teeth fixed method, generally used for roofing plate installation.

The installation of color board is more easy to master, Roof Tile forming Machine while some details are more important. For roofing color plate should be on the roof and eaves to carry out the corresponding work, the purpose is to more effectively prevent rainwater into the roof.

In the large-span and large-scale plant design, in order to have enough brightness, often designed with a lighting belt, generally in the middle of each cross layout. The setting of the Daylighting board increases the illumination, and also increases the heat transfer of the sun, increasing the temperature in the building. In general roofing and pan-water Board installation operations, self-tapping screws, boreholes, Roof Tile forming Machine saws or other operations will leave metal debris on the roof or in the vicinity, and these debris and other sundries (rivets, nails, screws, etc.) must be removed as soon as possible from the roof, the pan water Plate, the gutter and so on. This work should be done as a daily end. Especially after the completion of the entire roof installation, the need for this work. If the work is neglected, the metal will be oxidized to cause a stain on the surface of the steel plate.