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C Roll Forming Machine
- Jan 23, 2017 -

C Roll Forming Machine


●Z and C adjustable purlin machine with hydraulic decoiler or manual decoiler. 
●Price required for both decoilers

●C-80mm to 300mm and Z-120mm to 300 purlins adjustable roll forming machine 

  post punching and post cutting.

Machine consists of following parts
● Feeding and Leveling Device
● Rolling Forming System
● Hydraulic Punching & Cutting
● Product outcome support frame
● PLC Control System

When we change from c purlin to z purlin, you only need direction of the rollers 

to be changed.

Technical Specifications
Approx weight of the machine should be: 9.0MT
Approx dimension of the machine:(length)10m×(width)1.4m×(height)1.8m

Decoiler Type: Hydraulic or manual decoiler (price for both)

Weight Capacity of Decoiler:5.0T

Feeder and leveler Device

This is used for making the material flat before feeding into the forming machine.

Roll Forming System.
●Main Motor Type:3 Phases motor
●Main Motor Power:15KW
●Speed of Forming :10-15m/min
●Material of Roller: GCr15
●18 Groups Rollers
●Material of main shaft:40Cr
(The main shaft is grinded & heat treated followed by chrome plating)

●Diameter of Main Shaft:70mm

Hydraulic Punching & Cutting (Post Roll Forming)
●Punching Type: Hydraulic Punching
●Punching Material: SKD11
●Punching Die: SKD11
●Cutting Type: Hydraulic Cutting
(Separate shearing tolls for 100-200 and for 200-300 may be given)
●Hydraulic Motor: 7.5KW
●Hydraulic Pressure: 20MPa

PLC Motion Control System
●Control the quantity & punching length & cutting length automatically
●The machine should be stopped while it is and cutting
Automatic Length measures and quantity counting (precision +-2mm/+-1mm)
●Voltage:415V,3 Phase 50HZ
●Size of PLC Control Board(PLC:700mm(L)×1000mm(H)×300mm(W))
●PLC Manufacturer

Support Frame for Outcome

The length of product support frame:6 mtr

Notes: The machine should be guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation.