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Surface Mosaics In Home Decoration
- Jan 23, 2017 -

All glass mosaic high temperature refined, health and environmental protection, no smell, do not fade, not afraid of fire, dirty and easy to clean, not afraid of mildew. Classic effect, color: Sekisawa, bright, as the markets demand decoration, effects, quality is far more than the wallpaper, mosaic was developed, this is the mosaic uses the power of, existing 90% home improvement, hotels, Barber shops, homes, stores, entertainment venues, shopping centres, car parks, toilets, and more

Mosaic the term originated in ancient Greece, meaning "worthy of meditation, showing off the art of patience." Mosaic, a mosaic are pebbles, shellfish, tiles, glass, color chip attached to the wall or a technique to flatten form patterns on the floor. As of Rome's oldest and most attractive means of decoration, mosaics as well as with the strongest expressive art form. A few years ago because of its simple colors, simple materials, lack of color and form traces disappear, along with the integration of high-tech, its texture and color enhance, nouveau riche interior decoration. In recent years began to be used by the avant-garde Designer. Its compact, more suitable tile fine patterns, and in the light of changes in the distribution of the fantastic colors. Common carrier as a decorative art, Mosaic's comeback, has acquired a full work force, their gorgeous looks and voluptuous look gradually closer to your life, what are you hesitating? Mosaic has come to your side.