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Teach You How To Choose A Good Mosaic
- Jan 23, 2017 -

When we buy mosaic tiles glass mosaic, glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic, often a kind of dazzling does not know how to distinguish between feeling. We will give you the glass mosaic and glass mosaic how to differentiate it.

Glass mosaic and glass mosaic explain the difference between Crystal and glass the main difference from the material point of view, component of ordinary glass is silica, and Crystal is a high-lead glass, also known as lead crystal glass, added a 24% lead oxide PbO to ordinary glass. After making mosaics, compared with ordinary glass mosaics, Crystal mosaic main features are in proportion and feels heavy; refractive, colorful spectrum is reflected under the Sun, very charming; high hardness, wear-resisting pressure for a long time. When we buy Crystal mosaic, it is best to pay more attention to brand products, some small businesses or small workshop limited by cost, production of glass mosaic of lead oxide PbO content below 10%, blind purchase will affect the service life.

How to identify glass mosaic and glass mosaics: in addition to large international brands, large glass mosaic products are produced in factories outside of certain quality guarantees, we can according to the following recognition.

Is listen to the sound. We can bomb hit a gently with a hand mosaic's surface, Crystal mosaic voices were crisp, it hit like a metal, a kind of sound-filled feeling; sound was close in glass mosaic, and still no reply.

Second, fixed weight. Generally, two pieces of the same size and thickness the mosaic, glass mosaic is heavy weight feel heavier.

Third, diopter. In the same light, far higher refractive index of glass mosaic glass. Meanwhile, Crystal mosaic can be colorful light is reflected, and glass products do not have this feature.

Four is more than hardness. No doubt, the hardness of the glass mosaic glass mosaic, glass mosaic glass mosaic surfaces, leaving a mark, and with glass crystal will not produce trace.