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Technical Parameters Of Roof Tile Forming Machine
- Aug 25, 2017 -

Roof tile molding machine is widely used in a variety of industrial plants, housing, warehouses and simple steel shed roofing and nice, durable. Roof Tile forming Machine The machine is mainly composed of feed into the platform, forming host, forming shear device, hydraulic station, computer control system and other parts. Optional configuration of the general discharge machine, hydraulic discharge machine, Roof Tile forming Machine automatic chop and so on.

Roof tile molding models produce products with light weight, high strength, bearing capacity, good shock resistance characteristics, is widely used in high-rise steel structure construction.

Roof tile molding machine features and use: Roof tile molding machine is both solemn and elegant, Roof Tile forming Machine and beautiful and novel, and the appearance of smooth, ripple uniform, high utilization, high strength, high degree of automation, low cost, durable. Roof Tile forming Machine Products are widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises of civil construction, such as plant, garage, hangar, stadium exhibition hall, theaters and so on.

Roof tile forming the main technical parameters:

1. Installation size: 9000mm × 1700mm × 1600mm

2. Molding Road: 9 Road

3. Roller material: 45 # steel / cast iron wheel

4. Roller plating thickness: 0.05mm

5. Cutter material: Cr12

6. Molding speed: 9-10m / min

7. Electronic control system: industrial computer PLC control

8. Inverter: accurate counting, Roof Tile forming Machine with knife function (optional)

9. Host power: 3kw

10. Hydraulic station power: 3kw

11. Plate thickness: 0.4-0.7mm

12. Plate spread width: 1000mm