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Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine
- Nov 13, 2017 -

Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine introduced

Glazed tile press with galvanized steel production line color or different color steel or aluminum as raw materials, production of products used in the roof of the building external plate and wall board and interior decorating plate or, ceiling, etc., increase the roofs or walls of aesthetics, and durability.Glazed tile press production line without the restrictions of production length, according to construction requirements set many different sets of data on the computer controller, a key "confirmation", after the facility automatically according to the data of computer produce different length of the finished product.The glazed tile press production line production of finished products surface level off is smooth, level off, without scratches, is advantageous for the construction of the installation.

Parts of glazed tile press

Glazed tile press is divided into three parts, roller forming parts, pressed parts, cutting knife.Glazed tile press roller forming part is made up of motor, the chain drive roller rotation.
Glazed tile press molding part is the hydraulic cylinder driven mold move up and down, can put the caigang pressure into many sections, shaped like a glazed tile.
Glazed tile press move up and down cutter part is hydraulic cylinder drives the cutter, can cut the color steel tile.Glazed tile press production process is as follows: color steel plate into the roller forming part, after molding to the molding parts, pressed into equidistance section section, cutting knife is responsible for the fixed length cutting.Glazed tile press control frequency converter is introduced to perform part of a drive motor, hydraulic motor, pressed the two hydraulic solenoid valve, cutting knife two hydraulic solenoid valve.
Glazed tile press testing parts are: color steel tile, the length of the pulse encoder pressed up and down stroke switch, knife up and down stroke switch, pressed the action button up and down, the knife up and down stroke button, abrupt stop switch, hydraulic start-stop switch and so on.Glazed tile press PLC selection KDN - K3 series of KDN - K306-24 ar.Glazed tile press with 14 input / 10 relay output, just meet the requirements of input and output.Match again KDN text screen, can complete parameters setting, alarm display, help information and production data display and so on.
Glazed tile press must use high number of pulse input function, KDN - K306-24 ar high number input and excellent performance, choose AB strong anti-jamming capability.With constant value interrupt function, to ensure accuracy.Tile press has a lot of parameters to set, use the text screen setting.Glazed tile press parameters set 
facilityparameters and user set two kinds.Facility parameters are: single pulse length, too impulsive, molding, molding time, cutter and so on.Glazed tile press user parameters are: the number, length, the first section, details, pitch, section number, and so on.Glazed tile forming machine control system can complete the veneer cutting function.