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The Rolling Moulding Machine Is An Indispensable Equipment In The Production Of Ceramics
- Nov 02, 2017 -

Roll forming machine belongs to the forming equipment in light industry machinery. It is mainly composed of frame, spindle, gear box, column mould sleeve, roll head and control device. The machine is equipped with a spring spindle and motor, and the upper end of the rack is fitted with a brake device and a mold sleeve. The other end of the rack is provided with a pedestal. Roll Forming Machine The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, low cost, safe and reliable, high efficiency, stepless speed regulation and convenient use, and is an ideal molding equipment for processing crucible products in ceramic industry.

Roll forming machine is a high degree of automation, full-featured daily-use ceramic equipment, for our production is a good assistant, that in order to let you in using the relatively simple, the following will be specific for you to tell the specific structure of the device, Roll Forming Machine please you have a good grasp.

The roll forming machine consists of an elliptical motion device, a roller device, a rolling head translation device, a driving and braking device, a base, a rolling head seat, an electric motor and an electrical control system.

In the above-mentioned modular seat elliptical motion device, it is composed of a modular seat, a slide block, a slider block, a mould plate, a fixed plate, Roll Forming Machine an ellipse long axis adjusting rod and a mould frame, wherein the structure of the elliptical motion device of the mould seat has some characteristics:

The die seat is connected with the sliding block through the lower part, and the slide block is arranged in the lower part of the slide block with the dovetail groove structure. Forming a sliding mechanism; then the slider seat is connected with the spindle by means of a taper sleeve method, wherein the clamping plate is fixedly fixed on a fixing plate with a two-bar screw hole, which is connected with a bolt and a sliding block at one end of the fixing plate. The other end is close to the mould plate.

Roll forming machine also has the ability to improve product quality, enhance efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers, but also to promote the entire industry in this field of production technology progress, Roll Forming Machine is our production of ceramics indispensable equipment, is a good choice!

Roll forming machine, including the fuselage, a first motor is arranged in the fuselage, and is provided with a first damping device between the first motor and the fuselage; the first motor is connected with the elevating platform located above the fuselage, and the lift table is provided with a second motor, Roll Forming Machine and the second motor is connected with the forming roll head through the roller head shaft. A second damping device is also arranged between the second motor and the elevating platform, wherein the driving lifting device is connected by a transmission rod, Roll Forming Machine a first connecting rod, a crankshaft, a second connecting rod, a crosshead and a lifting rod sequentially; This structure has vibration-damping function to the high-speed rotating motor, which protects the structure of the machinery and prevents the formation of the embryo body from forming ripple or other defects;

Roll forming machine is suitable for the rolling process of the lead skin used in the process of the die processing. The concrete structure is as follows: The bracket is fitted with a fixed upper shaft roller and a adjustable shaft roller, the right end of the two-axis roller is connected with one gear, the two gears are engaged, the ends of which are fixed by the bearing and the bracket, the upper shaft roller is connected with the left end, the coupling is connected with the motor reducer, and the motor reducer is installed on the base. Roll Forming Machine The two ends of the adjustable axle roller are connected with the bracket through the sliding bearing seat, the lower part of the sliding bearing seat is connected by adjusting the screw and the top rod; the top of the cushion is connected with the worm through the worm bearing seat, the worm wheel is meshed with the worm gear and the worm gear shaft is matched with the worm gear, Roll Forming Machine and the end of the worm wheel is provided with a handwheel in the The outer circumference of the cam is contacted with the bottom of the ejector rod. The technology is easy to install, high precision, easy to adjust feed, stable equipment, safe and reliable operation.