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Two-layer Molding Machine Table Has Six Processes
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Double-layer molding machine mainly by the feed into the platform, forming the host, forming shear device, hydraulic station, computer control system composed of several parts. Double Layer Forming Machine Up and down conversion operation is simple, just through the control cabinet on the switch button to control the control of each layer, power can also be controlled by the clutch each layer.

Double-layer molding machine Optional configuration of the general discharge machine, Double Layer Forming Machine hydraulic discharge machine.

Main technical parameters of double layer forming machine

1. Installation size: 10000mm × 1800mm × 1500mm

2. Molding Road: 11 Road / 9 Road

3. Roller material: 45 # steel

4. Roller plating thickness: 0.05mm

5. Cutter material: Cr12

6. Molding speed: 9-10m / min.

7. Electronic control system: industrial computer PLC control

8. Host power: 3KW

9. Plate thickness: 0.4-0.7mm

10. Plate spread width: 1000mm

Double-layer molding machine is wet-produced glazed tiles, used for vacuum screw extruder extruded and cut after the rough billet, Double Layer Forming Machine the precise shape of the hydraulic press press.

Double-layer pressure machine can be installed separately, but the need for artificial billet, unloading blank, can also be equipped with automatic loading rack and unloading robot and extruder, cutting machine, Double Layer Forming Machine blank machine and Watto transmission line and other components Tile production line, do not need to manually manipulate. Equipped with a set of lubrication system, the machine is running, automatically for all bearing bearings, transmission gear mechanism and other parts of the vehicle lubrication lubrication.

Double-layer molding machine The table has six processes, (that is, hexagonal wheel) table flip, in addition to a mechanical division, positioning, but also set up a set of precision positioning mechanism, to ensure that every punching process, work The correct positioning of the mold, the installation of the mold on the slide is the box structure, slide rails and rails on the body rails, contact length, the mold of each stamping, Double Layer Forming Machine the secondary mud on the process that is the first punch Sub-pressure tile in place, the mold up 10 mm, so that the mud is fully exhausted, the mold and then down the tile in place, only to return to the highest position, so die life is long, to suppress the product quality is good.