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Vitrified Brick Paving Tips Shop Cottage Pollution Prevention
- Jan 23, 2017 -

Tiling is not like in the home decor wood floors, once when the problem occurred on the paving tiles, repair is absolutely very troublesome thing. Be sure to select the right product during the purchase process, also best in the paving process is a one-time paving, paving changing'll relatively trouble, and carefully to avoid mistakes in construction, especially some mosaics of tiles or mosaic, these must decorate teacher carefully. See below Golden mosaics: How do you teach your tiles tiling needs some attention.

Before first base treatment before paving paving should deal with fitted or flat on the ground, dry-paving base reaches a certain hardness to paving bricks, paving seams between 2-3 mm adjust. Before the second try before laying paving paving first try laying on the ground, and after you use the same color and size, and then at the end of brick will be marked number, patterned or directional pattern on the tile surface, paving of the product should be as shown, with optimal decorative effects.

Then suggested that surface water wax stain resistant vitrified tile is made from porcelain tiles manufactured by surface finish will appear invisible to the naked eye as a regular micro-holes, before each piece of glass brick construction it is best to wipe the floor with water and wax. Check first before laying vitrified tile surfaces are polished, if not, must be waxed again after construction. Method of judging the waxing: waxy substance the brick, the brick gives the impression it was hazy, touch will have fingerprints.

Also paving percussion instruments required when wrapped in a white cloth is the construction worker a rubber hammer wrapped with white cloth before use. Antifouling performance bad brick hammer hit the brick surface will leave a black mark. Final note to protect finished products for the newly paved tiles, tile boxes must be used it is best and good ponchos made of bricks, which prevents the abrasive sand tiles, decoration, as well as the use of paint and gum drops in pollution on the brick tile surface.