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Yellow Mosaic Construction Should Pay Attention To The Details
- Jan 23, 2017 -

In life mosaic tiles are more and more customers now use, but after the construction of the mosaic paving yellow so that quality issues, do you think it is mosaic question here! Can tell you that generally may be caused by the following:

First in the construction methods under the correct circumstances, if mosaic is Cold Jet jigsaw puzzle, in such a situation, may be the back problem, is a problem, and 800 ° c high temperature fired glass mosaic, this problem does not occur;

Second look at construction of accessories such as caulking and other neutral glue, if using acidic sealant or ordinary white cement, on issues such as yellowing of the paving surface may occur;

Third depends on the environmental and construction methods. First mosaic tiles or stone surface and the surface must be clean joints, wet on the surface with a damp cloth, but do not leave stagnant water to reduce the holes of the mosaic inhaling paint and cement, and its coloring and final setting. Under construction within the first 72 hours must be taken to prevent sealant dry refers specifically to the outdoor exposure to sunlight construction, construction of natural kraft paper covering best available at this time do not use plastic or newspapers instead, to prevent other construction joints of new soil.

Also note that in the meantime: 1, trimming mortar joints after the tile as soon as possible. 2, can not clean grout tiles with acidic materials, cannot be caught in the rain, the wall is not dry or extremely humid conditions construction. 3, not specify the material mixed with other materials, so as not to affect results.

Mosaic belonged to craft decoration material, mosaic products due to the diversity of materials and processes, the production process has a strict technical requirements, in mosaics and paving on the increasing need for specialization construction of teacher, can be successfully completed, and ensure that paving results. When dealers sell products, in addition to the test to ensure that products conform to industry standards, in mosaic on the construction method and materials used, guests should also take the initiative to explain to minimize disputes and avoid aftermarket products.