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Polyurethane Injected Foam Cold Roll Forming Machine

Polyurethane Injected Foam Cold Roll Forming Machine

Polyurethane Injected Foam Cold Roll Forming Mac, Insulated Rolling Shutters, Foamed Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Polyurethane Injected Foam Cold Roll Forming Machine, Three Profile Cold Roll Forming Guardrail Machine, Steel Guardrail Road Barrier Sheet Metal Rolling Machine and so on.

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1.Polyurethane Injected Foam Cold Roll Forming Machine



FD discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Production Line is a good choice with

Economy investment, flexible size panel, high qualty


1.Machine is to make the sandwich panel with the color steel sheet or

  galvanized sheet and the core of polyurethane discontinuously.


2.The multi-layered laminator is consisted of the press and the rail stands.

   Two worktables move into the press and the other two stay on rail stands.

   Initially, put the top and the bottom sheets inside of mould frames and then

   seal, after that, feed the worktables into the press. When worktables inside

   the press moves out orderly, the other two feed in at the same time. Upon

   the finish of feeding, the press will close and slant at a angle, waiting for

   injecting PU raw materials from the PU mixing head into different panels.

   Meanwhile materials start foaming and curing. At this time, mould frames

   on worktables moved out for taking out the finished products, then to be

   ready for next production cycle.


3.The main laminator 2+2 produces PU sandwich panel with fixed length

  such as 6m, 9m, 12m, adjustable width less than 1.2m, different thickness

  from 50mm to 250mm by the closed molding frame


Technical Parameters:   


Length of panel: 6m,12m,15m

Width of panel: 500-1250mm 

Thickness of panel: 40mm-250mm 

Speed of Production line: 8m/min ( frequency conversion to adjust speed )                       

Core Density (Kg/m2):40-42

Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K):0.018 – 0.020

Tensile Strength (KP a) :300–500

Bending Strength (KP a): 550–560

Shear Strength (KP a):120–300

Modulus of Elasticity (Ma):3.0 – 8.5

Water Absorption :<2(Volume change %)

Water Vapor Transmission :1.8-3.8(Perm-in)

Stable Operating Temperature:-40to+50(°c)




One set of 6m PU Sandwich panel line is 288 sq.m.  per day, 8 hours, so 

it is 72000 sq.m. yearly  with 2500 days per year 


One set of 12m PU sandwich panel line is 576  sq.m.  per day, 8 hours. so

it is 14400 sq.m. yearly, for 250 days per year.


Production capacity of this production line: 3-8m/min.


Panel width: 800-1000mm, panel thickness: 30-150mm.


Total power: about 150kw


PU panel type


Discontinuous PU foam sandwich panel machine/PU sandwich panel production line



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